Pani Meri Virasat Haryana Portal Online Registration

Mera Pani Meri Virasat Haryana Portal Online Registration

Mera Pani Meri Virasat Haryana Portal Online Registration online registration:- Firstly i would like to thanx and wlcome all to this post. today we are here discuss about the new scheme launched by the chief minister of Haryana Manohar Lal Khattar. The name of the scheme is Mera Pani Meri Virasat. As we all have a great knowledge of water conservation. Water is the main necessity for not only humans but also for plants and water. We cant even think of survival without water so its conservation is the main focus by Haryana government.

Mera Pani Meri Virasat Haryana Portal

The Haryana Chief Minister launched a new portal Mera Pani Meri Virasat for this new scheme. The main focusing areas under this scheme are paddy dominated areas of the state. This will help to reduce the paddy sowing. This scheme is a crop diversification schemes under which government will provide an incentive of Rs 7000 per acre for growing other crops then paddy.

 Mera Pani Meri Virasat Scheme
Mera Pani Meri Virasat Scheme

On 6 may 2020 Haryana government has launched this scheme named as Mera Pani Meri Virasat. Under this scheme the Haryana government encouraged the farmers to put their efforts towards alternative crops rather than paddy. This will help not only farmers to get money of Rs 7000 per acre, but also help in water conservation. For more detail regarding this portal stay connected with us.

Motto of Mera Pani Meri Virasat Scheme:

  • Encourage farmers to cultivate alternative crop rather then paddy.
  • Conservation of water for coming future generation.
  • Cultivate other crops like cotton, maize, arhar, urad etc.
  • Improve ground water level by reducing paddy cultivation.

In Haryan the ground water level is reducing day by day. By knowing this coming threat, the CM Manohar Lal Khattar announced the Mera Pani Meri Virasat Scheme. Under this scheme only the Haryan people can apply. Government will also provide the incentive of Rs 7000. Which is a great help to the farmers.

Scheme NameMera Pani Meri Virasat
Launched ByManohar Lal Khattar
Benefit AmountRs 7000
CategoryHaryana Government Schemes

This new initiative of Haryana government is towards save water mission. This incentive will help the farmers financially. Alternative crop like cotton, maize, rhar will help farmers to earn money. And convert their dark zone into green zone. Including this scheme Haryana government have lunched any other schemes for the benefit of farmers.

As we all know that there is lot of paddy cultivation every year in Haryana. Cultivation of paddy is good for waters but it also reduces the ground water level. That why Haryana government main motive is to reduce paddy cultivation.

MPMV Online Registration:

Under this scheme only the permanent residential people of Haryana can apply. During lunched time the CM of  Haryana have said that, from last 12 years the rate of depletion of ground water level is doubled. Its an major issues of next coming generation so we have to think about it. And the best solution for this is to conserve water by reducing paddy cultivation in few district of Haryana. Applicant can apply for the incentive amount by giving their proper information during registration.

 There are some parts or district of Haryana state fall under dark zone. Under which 36 blocks are included where water level is very low. Earlier the level of water in this dark zone is 20 meter but now it reaches upto 40 meters. There is around 32 acre land where paddy cultivation have been done by farmers.

So here is the strict instruction by the Haryana CM that the areas where the water level is more then 35 meters, are not allowed to sow paddy. Under MPMV scheme the incentive is providd to only those area where water depth is lesser then 35 meters. So government under this scheme includes, 8 blocks and other district where water level is below 40 metres.

Areas Under Mera Pani Meri Virasat Yojana

  1. 8 blocks
  2. Ratia in fatehbad district
  3. Siwan and Guhla in kKaithal district
  4. Pipli
  5. Shabad
  6. Babain in Kurukshetra district
  7. Sisra section of Ismailabad
  8. Sirsa district

Apart from these blocks, remaining  blocks and districts can also apply for this Scheme. For that you have to provide information in advance and get incentive amount.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Only residents of Haryana can apply for MPMV scheme.
  • Farmers can apply for this Mera Pani Meri Virasat Scheme launched by the chief minister of Haryana.

Documentation Requirement:

  • Aadhar card
  • Pan card
  • Domicel Bonafied of Haryana
  • Kishan Parmaan Patr
  • Ration card

Mera Pani Meri Virasat Online Application Form: As you all have now quite knowledge about this scheme. So here we will provide the registration procedure for Mera Pani Meri Virasat Scheme. Haryana government have not yet released the online application form. But  from our resources the  registration process will start very soon. We will here provide you with the online registration form and registration procedure.

So stay connected with us. Visit our site daily for latest update and wait till further announcement of government.

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