[2021] AP YSR Nethanna Nestham Scheme 2021 (3rd phase)

AP YSR Nethanna Nestham Scheme 2021 3rdPhase Beneficiary List Kadapa:- Nethanna Nestham Scheme Beneficiary List is released by the Andhra Pradesh YSR government. The final list is released & now people can check the beneficiary status. The beneficiaries are the weavers of Andhra Pradesh who have handlooms. Under this Nethanna Nestham Scheme, they will get Rs. 2,000 per month under this scheme.

The amount of Rs. 24,000 annually will be deposited directly into their bank accounts by the AP government. Nethanna Nestham Scheme 2021 is a must needed welfare scheme for these sector workers. There are some who are not eligible for last year’s financial support even if they are eligible. The government has set a green flag to help them too. In the current crisis of power looms, the government provides financial assistance of Rs. 24,000.

AP YSR Nethanna Nestham Scheme 2021 was to be launched on the 10th of this month but due to an assembly session, it was postponed to the 10th of this month. CM Jagan would disburse the amount into beneficiaries’ bank accounts directly online. Earlier, six months ago, last year, the government provided financial support under the scheme where a lot of people got out of debt.

Nethanna Nestham Scheme

TAP YSR Nethanna Nestham Scheme 2021 is inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. Under the scheme, Panchayat Secretary will collect the date of the beneficiary candidates who covered under this scheme. After used the beneficiary data, they will make a YSR Navasakam Scheme Benenficiart List and issued it at Gram Panchayat. The YSR Navasakam Scheme Beneficiary List will be issued on 10th August 2021.

This YSR Nethanna Nestham Scheme is a welfare scheme and many schemes are worked under this scheme and it is most important for every beneficiary of every scheme. A card will distribute under this scheme for scheme beneficiaries.With increased production in cloth mills in Andhra Pradesh, there has been a decrease in the demand for traditional handloom clothes. This has resulted in poor conditions of the handloom cloth weavers. However, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has come up with a new scheme through which it will offer financial assistance to the handloom weavers. Under the YSR Nethanna Nestham scheme, only the registered handloom weavers will be given grants yearly. For more always read Newspapers from epaperpdf.online

ysr vahana mitra 2021 statusఅస‌లే ఆర్థిక సంక్షోభం..ఆపై కరోనా కాలం. అయినా స‌రే ఏపీ స‌ర్కార్ సంక్షోమం విష‌యంలో వెన‌క్కి త‌గ్గ‌డం లేదు. వ‌రుసగా రెండో ఏడాది కూడా ప‌లు సంక్షేమ‌ ప‌థ‌కాల అమ‌లు దిశ‌గా అడుగులు ముందుకు వేస్తున్నారు. తాజాగా ‘వైఎస్సార్‌ నేతన్న నేస్తం’ పథకం ద్వారా పేద నేత‌న్న‌ల‌కు ఆర్థికసాయం అందించేందుకు రంగం సిద్ద‌మైంది. ఈ నెల 20న సీఎం జ‌గ‌న్ ఈ ప‌థ‌కాన్ని ప్రారంభించ‌నున్నారు. ఇప్ప‌టికే ఈ ప‌థ‌కం ద్వారా ల‌బ్ధిపొంద‌గిన‌ అర్హుల‌ జాబితాను గ్రామ‌, వార్డు వాలంటీర్ల ద్వారా ప్ర‌భుత్వం సేక‌రించింది. ప‌థకానికి సంబంధించి నిధుల కూడా ysr vahana mitra apply online 2021విడుద‌ల‌య్యాయి.

Name of the schemeAP YSR Nethanna Hastham Nestham Scheme
Launched inAndhra Pradesh
Launched byYS Jagan Mohan Reddy
Date of scheme announcement August 2021
Date of implementation of the scheme 10 August 2021
Target beneficiaries of the scheme Handloom weavers of the state 
Scheme Supervised byState Government of Andhra Pradesh
Portal of the scheme Yet to be launched 
Contact details relating to scheme Not mentioned yet 
AP YSR Nethanna Nestham Scheme 2021

YSR Nethanna Nestham Handloom Weavers

A sum of ₹600 crore was given to the weavers in the last 13 months, whereas the TDP government did not even disburse ₹200 crore in five years. he said.Under the YSR Nethanna Nestham scheme, ₹24,000 was being given to each weaver family owning a loom, at the rate of ₹2,000 per month. Those left out can register through the ward and village secretariats to avail themselves of the assistance next month.

The officials concerned would be working on this and the state govt. of Andhra Pradesh plans to launch the e-platform on 10 August 2021. In addition to this, the diesel subsidy on fishing boats is doubled to Rs. 9 per litre. Fishermen should take diesel from specified petrol bunks in the vicinity of fishing harbours. AP govt. will also provide guarantee to enable Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) to obtain loan of Rs. 1,000 crore to buy new buses to replace the old ones. AP Power Finance Corporation can now issue bonds of upto Rs. 4,471 crore to rescue distribution companies (DISCOMs) in financial crisis.

Nethanna Hastham Nestham Documents Required

  1. Residential documents – As this scheme only allows the participation of the legal residents of Andhra Pradesh, every applicant must supply an official document that supports his domicile claims.
  2. Identification proof – The applicants need to offer copies of their identification documents, like the Aadhar card and the voter card.
  3. Registration certificate – The applicants need to submit a copy of their registration certificate that has been issued by the State Handloom Association.
  4. BPL certificate – The applicants must submit a copy of their BP certificate during the application process.
  5. Bank account details – As the money will be transferred by DBT mode, it is mandatory that the applicants share their bank account details like the bank and branch name, branch code and address, account number and the IFSC code.

AP Nethanna Nestham Beneficiary List

  1. The list of beneficiaries will be displayed at the village/ward secretariat, collection of beneficiaries transparently through gram sabha.
  2. You can also find the information on how to apply at the village/ward secretariat as for the benefit of the Eligible persons whose names do not figure in the list of the beneficiaries.
  3. Anyone who is eligible but for any reason, if his name does not figure in the beneficiary list, then he may apply to the concerned village/ward secretariats with relevant documents.
  4. If found eligible after checking the documents, financial assistance will be provided to him in a month.

YSR Kadapa District Weavers List 2021:

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